From the Sedgwick Museum to my living room

With their doors closed, staff at home and social distancing the new norm, how did museums continue to play an active and relevant role in people’s lives? Nicola Skipper shares her experience here of developing and delivering a remote session designed to engage the University of Cambridge Museums’ Portals to the World participants: people with a dementia diagnosis or cognitive… Read full article

Uncovering LGBTQ+ history at the Sedgwick Museum

Being able to ‘look things up on the computer’ is something that all of us rather take for granted. Even in a Museum where the size and scope of the collections is such that full digitisation is a daunting task, it is still hard to think back to being entirely reliant on drawers of catalogue cards and hand-written indexes. As… Read full article

Two characters from Animal Crossing looking at a fossil

Animal Crossing live stream

On June 19th we are celebrating games and museums with an Animal Crossing live stream! We will join palaeontologist Rob Theodore and game designer Elizabeth Simoens as they explore her island museum. Before we jump in the sea-plane (or join the live stream on youtube/twitch), let’s hear from Rob and Elizabeth about how this project came to be!   Who… Read full article